I see you peering through frosted windows

12 February, 2010


so, it snowed a lot.

also, turns out there is actually a bitters shortage.

thing number three: next time it snows in the dc area, no more “cute” puns like SNOWpocalypse, or SNOWmageddon, or SNOWmygod, or whatever. it’s now just “it’s gonna snow,” or “snow storm.” four feet of snow later, you’re allowed to just say what it is. seriously.

(that’s right, hipsters. irony is out. earnest is now cool.)

oh, and stop throwing snowballs at police officers. i shouldn’t have to tell you that.

*tip o’ the hat to MAC for “Girl-pants.”


One Response to “I see you peering through frosted windows”

  1. They better get the bitters shit fixed by summer if the best drink ever is to be made. Come to think of it, that snow shit musta get straightened out too.

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